When Sichuanese said “擺龍⾨陣”means chit chat in Sichuan dialect. Public Village (龍⾨陣鎮) is founded by Kiyomi Wang, Chef/Owner, a native Yi-minority from
Sichuan, and Karen Song, Owner/restaurateur, native from Northern East. The Duo’s goal is to create a Sichuanese style eatery spot, where people can eat, drink and gossips like Sichuanese.

At Public Village, we offer noodles dishes and street style snacks that would satisfied every bite of your cravings. The most important elements in Sichuan cuisine are the fragrant and the spices. We believed that a good sensation of spice will gets more fragrant and addicting as you go.

Therefore, we made our chili oil and all other spices, from scratch for the best experience. All ingredients are sourced fresh from the local markets. Our noodles are also homemade and are paired with different proteins and entrée without adding any additives or artificial coloring.

We are thrilled for you to join us and experience the local Sichuanese style eating culture. We look forward to eat, drink and gossip with you here at Public Village!

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